Tech employees at major technology companies like Amazon, Yardi Systems, Citrix, Apple, AppFolio, Procore Technologies, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Google and more are flocking to Santa Barbara luxury apartments.
Why are today’s top tech staff choosing luxury apartments for rent in Santa Barbara?

Here are the top three reasons why you’ll find technology workers choosing Santa Barbara rentals like 800 Santa Barbara.

1. A Short Commute

Downtown Santa Barbara is just minutes to major tech offices. While the drive is short, why not bike? Many luxury apartment dwellers in Santa Barbara choose to take advantage of the community’s biking routes. The choice is sound environmentally, but the real benefit is to the rider. When you live in the heart of Downtown Santa Barbara, riding your bike to work is a fast, fun way to get your daily dose of exercise – plus benefit from Santa Barbara’s consistently-exceptional weather. Beach air, ocean breezes and sea views beat the carpool any day!

2. Time to Relax

Working in the tech industry can be stressful. Long hours and mental fatigue mean that when you’re off the clock, your mind and body need to relax. That’s why renting a Santa Barbara luxury apartment makes so much sense for tech employees. After a few-minute drive or stroll home, renters can rejuvenate on their private balconies or walk a few steps from their front door to Santa Barbara’s best bars and restaurants. When they’re only 15 minutes from the beach, tech workers can sleep in on the weekend and ride some of the best waves in California before brunch.

3. Ready to Move

The downside of working for a large technology company is that you could be asked to move to a different office one town over – or across the country. Tech workers who want to enjoy the benefits of luxury living while avoiding the costs and risks associated with homeownership are eager to rent a luxury apartment in Santa Barbara. Choosing to rent an apartment in Santa Barbara means tech workers have full access to the best of their favorite beachside community and can more easily transition to a different office or position if the opportunity is offered.