The recent rise in technology companies relocating or opening new offices in Downtown Santa Barbara has brought an increase of information workers to the beachside community. This has raised the demand for luxury apartments in Downtown Santa Barbara.

Software and tech companies like Ivoca, Well Health, Sonos, RightScale, Amazon and more have offices in Downtown Santa Barbara – and many of them are known for their creative, luxurious interior designs that inspire innovation among their staff.

When not working, tech workers in Santa Barbara crave the same level of design, aesthetics and energy their offices offer – and that’s why they’re drawn to the Downtown Santa Barbara luxury apartment lifestyle.

At 800 Santa Barbara, a new luxury apartment building located in the heart of Downtown Santa Barbara, big investments in design were made to assure renters a truly exceptional living space.

Information workers, technology developers, high-caliber executives, entrepreneurs and other successful people will appreciate the attention to detail at this luxury apartment in the heart of Downtown Santa Barbara. Handmade Malibu tiles, exposed rafter tails, copper cutters, gleaming white stucco walls, a traditional red-tiled roof and more honor Santa Barbara’s history while also contributing to a rich living environment.

Whether they are new to Santa Barbara or have lived in Santa Barbara for years, today’s information specialists will be thrilled at the proximity of their Downtown Santa Barbara luxury apartment to their office, local restaurants, award-winning entertainment and other lifestyle amenities. The walkability of Downtown Santa Barbara can’t be beat – which means a Downtown Santa Barbara apartment is the perfect place to call “home.”