Families, couples and retired people all find wonderful reasons to move to Downtown Santa Barbara – but if you’re single, you may find even more reasons why a Downtown luxury Santa Barbara apartment for rent is the best living choice for you. Here are a few reasons why so many single people are choosing to rent luxury apartments in Santa Barbara.

Safety & Security

When you live alone, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. At 800 Santa Barbara, you can relax knowing that the secure video-monitored parking, key-entry elevator, key-restricted floor access and exterior lighting all serve as proven preventative measures against crime.

The World’s Best Restaurants & Bars

Why cook for one when you live within a few steps of California’s most celebrated restaurants and bars in Downtown Santa Barbara? Restaurants like Jane, Opal and bouchon Santa Barbara draw diners from all over the world – but you get to experience 5-star culinary expertise whenever you’d like!

Bike, Swim & Walk from your Front Door

Living alone means you have more time for recreation – and there’s no better place to explore than Downtown Santa Barbara! Grab your bike, your surfboard or your hiking shoes – and then take advantage of Downtown Santa Barbara’s close proximity to hundreds of miles of trails, world-famous beaches and bike paths.

Meet your Match (If You Want!)

It’s a poorly-guarded secret: Santa Barbara is home to some of the globe’s most desired bachelors and bachelorettes. The technology and information industries have helped populate Santa Barbara with some of the world’s most brilliant minds. Who knows who you’ll meet during your after-work drink at the local Downtown Santa Barbara bar, during your next Crossfit class or at a local community philanthropy event?

Luxury Living, No Mortgage Required

When you’re single, living in a big house all alone can feel unnecessary. Besides having to keep up with the maintenance demands of a large home, you’ll also be paying a heavy price for electric, gas and water – and you might get stuck with a pricey monthly HOA fee, too. That’s why so many singles are moving into Santa Barbara luxury apartments in Downtown Santa Barbara. Renters have all the benefits of living in a gorgeous new home – but without the stress of maintenance, yardwork, high energy costs or a pricey mortgage.